A Life of IT.

Living the life of an IT person isn't very rewarding. Sure, you've got the knowledge and power to play with new technologies and the freedom to do so knowing you won't accidentally nuke everything important to you. But you end up getting treated like just IT.

Being the local IT "guru" is like being the village witch / wizard. Everyone stays well away from you until they desperately need something. When everything is going horribly wrong, and ONLY then, they ask you for help. Hard drive is dying. Call the guru. Got a virus? Call the guru. Computer is on fire and ethernet cords are slithering around your neck? Scream for the guru.

I love working on tech. Really, I do. But I hate when it's something that becomes expected because "you've done it before, why can't you do it again?" Why do you think repair shops get paid so much to do this stuff? It isn't necessarily easy, no matter how "simple" sitting in front of a monitor and pressing buttons may seem. That's another big piece of the reason why being the local IT sucks. Once you do something for free, it becomes expected that the service will remain free indefinitely. Okay, something simple like cleaning up your machine or showing you how to do a task every once in a while, sure, I'll go for it. But the second you want me to do full data recovery and back up your drives and reimage your whole box for free, you can forget it.

I guess what I'm really getting at here is that me and my friends who are also in tech tend to get the same thing. We're only kept around for our services, and that's the extent of the contact. And after we've solved the problem, it's nothing but radio silence until the next issue arises. If you know you're going to want your techie friend to help you with things in the future, don't expect them to be on-call and on-demand when you want their help if you don't intend to reciprocate in some way, whether it be just simple talking to the person or by paying for the job they're doing for you.

We aren't just IT. We're people too. Please show us some love.

Sean Johnson

Software developer, music enthusiast, college student, and cat lover. Currently enthralled by the world of networking, security, and cloud technology.

San Antonio, TX https://blog.maio.me

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