Uni vs. Wallet...

Word of warning: this is a rant about how stupidly expensive University is.

Uni is seriously nothing but a money drain. First off, we're paying how much to get a piece of paper that lets us actually work for a living?

On top of that, there are all the stupid little fees that we get slammed on top of the already incredulous bill we have to pay.
For example, there's the "Undergraduate Advising Fee", which is something like $120 every semester when we only meet with our advisers for a max of about 30 minutes once per year.
Move along to the "Recreation Center Fee", which we pay regardless of if we use the rec center or not.

It seems like UTSA charges every student for every little thing possible, regardless of if we use it or not. Here's a short laundry list of the garbage that appears on my bill:

  • "Athletics Fee" - $240.00
  • "Undergraduate Advising Fee" - $120.00
  • "University Center Fee" - $120.00
  • "Recreation Center Fee" - $120.00

That's $600 in fees that I don't see the benefit of. There's also the $700 Texas resident tuition charge (seriously!). Some of these fees are understandable, but when all the stupid little fees make up almost as much of your bill as the payment for classes -- there's something wrong.

I've gotta say -- thanks, UTSA.

EDIT: We can't forget the mandatory $200 commuter level parking permit we have to renew each year... AND there's no commuter parking left.

Sean Johnson

Software developer, music enthusiast, college student, and cat lover. Currently enthralled by the world of networking, security, and cloud technology.

San Antonio, TX https://blog.maio.me

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