Hi, I'm Sean. I'm a computer science major at UTSA, aiming for a bachelor's of science in CS along with concentrations in cyber-security and software engineering.

This may seem like a strange beginning, but I'm really not sure how to start off a blog. I don't know what kind of content there will be or when I'll post, but I can almost guarantee that most posts will be related to school, code, or cat.

For the past five or six years, I've spent time writing software and managing a small infrastructure, just for fun. Most software has either been for personal use, or for minimal use within a company. I've written data processors and aggregators, IRC bots, and all sorts of other fun little things. I've got knowledge of C, Java, Python, Shell/Bash Scripting, and some web development experience. I've been spending the past couple years of my time bouncing between cyber-security and software engineering, thanks to my personal projects and my participation in the CyberPatriot competitions in high school and the CCDC competitions with my ACCD pals.

The world is becoming a hugely cloud-structured place. You almost can't read any news site without seeing the word cloud at least once or twice. And then there are the leaks that seem to happen in big companies almost weekly now. I want to somehow help make the cloud a more secure place for everyone. And I guess the best way for me to do that is just one line of code at a time.

Sean Johnson

Software developer, music enthusiast, college student, and cat lover. Currently enthralled by the world of networking, security, and cloud technology.

San Antonio, TX https://blog.maio.me

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